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Today’s businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Trends like digital transformation, disintermediation, and commodification are eroding traditional barriers. Competitors can come from any industry, anywhere in the world. And the end customer now decides what the rules are.


To stay ahead in this unpredictable environment, businesses need to constantly reinvent themselves, keeping a close eye on customer needs and offering new and relevant customer experiences. This takes agility. And a willingness to roll out disruptive strategies.


At Edge Consulting, we have made it our mission to support you through these business-critical changes. Our team has the know-how and experience to develop innovative value propositions and get them to market.

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Edge consulting

Build success focusing on your customers' needs


Supporting you throughout the value-creation process

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    Market mapping

    Identify and understand the issues shaping your market

    • Sounding board and support for top management
    • Market-trend analysis
    • Disruptive-technology impact analysis
    • Competitive benchmarking
    • Value-chain analysis
    • Positioning
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    Growth Strategy

    Plan for sustainable growth

    • Business performance audit
    • Market opportunity analysis
    • Growth scenario development and assessment
    • Business plan
    • Strategy implementation plan
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    Go-to-market Strategy

    Develop an actionable go-to-market strategy and disruptive solutions

    • Product innovation (jobs-to-be-done framework)
    • Customer experience design
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Minimum Viable Product (prototype and mockup)
    • Distribution strategy
    • Pricing strategy
    • Promotional strategy
    • Communications strategy
    • Customer support strategy
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    Solution impémentation

    Ensure targeted, effective solution implementation

    • Operational indicator development
    • Marketing and communications campaign implementation
    • Product development
    • Performance management
    • Business development
    • Business IT interface
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    Operational Excellence and Project Management Excellence

    Support your people in their quest for excellence

    • Operational audit
    • Process identification, design, and implementation
    • Process improvement (Lean Management, Six Sigma)
    • PMO/project management (implementation and tracking)
    • Sales operations management 
    • Coaching
    • Strategies to shorten time-to-market
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    European regulation on the protection of personal data

    • Audit and high level action plan
    • Compliance Management
    • Data Protection Registry implementation
    • Personal Data Security
    • Implementation of Data Protection Officer
    • DPO Outsourcing


We can make a difference to your business starting today!

  • Project

    Let us put together the right team to address your unique challenges. We strive to achieve the right balance between consulting know-how and industry-specific knowledge to make sure that our recommendations are both relevant and actionable. We believe in what we do, so you can count on our people to stand by you at every stage of your growth, strategy, and operational transformation projects.

  • Sourcing

    We can assign one or several consultants to your company to respond to your need for specific resources at a given stage in your organization’s lifecycle. Our senior consultants will handle your strategic issues for a predetermined period of time and with specific objectives. You get the experience and skills you need when you need them.

  • LAB

    Edge LAB was developed to help you seize upon the unique strategic and marketing opportunities created by digital technology, whether it is the Internet of Things, virtual reality, 3D, or mobile apps. Edge LAB uses a Lean Startup approach—agile methods, an iterative, adaptive creative process.

Cases Studies

From startups to multinational corporations,
EDGE Consulting serves customers of all sizes from all industries.

Preparation, launch and business development for a new internet access offer in Africa

Implementation of an anti-churn project for a major telecom player

Launch of a mobile money offer in Central and Western Africa

Transformation strategy for a public actor

Creation of the strategic B2B partnership plan for Mobistar (Group Orange)

Business transformation strategy for a PPP

Business lead prequalification for the M2M department of a major international telecom operator

Implementation of a Customer Experience Program

What drives us

We are a team of pragmatic dreamers dedicated to creating a lasting
impact for you and your organization.

  1. A results-based culture

    We value practice over theory. Our solutions focus on action and efficiency. If you grow, so do we. That’s why are firmly committed to seeing your project through to success.
  2. The courage of our convictions

    We feel strongly that to shift the playing field, you need to make bold choices. There is no room for halfway. We tell it like we see it from the beginning and keep our minds open to new ideas at every step of the way.
  3. Empathy and trust

    We take your unique needs and environment as the starting point for everything we do. We work hand-in-hand with you to come up with straightforward, objective recommendations. You can count on us to be your trusted partner throughout the value-creation process.
  4. Creativity

    We believe that the only path to effective solutions is innovation. And innovation is by nature disruptive. We combine the agility of a startup with the structure of an established business, constantly questioning everything we do and keeping our minds open to new ideas.


Our community of consultants and experts includes seasoned professionals from telecommunications, postal services, energy, retail, and communications with skills in business planning, marketing, communication, business development, sales, PMO, change management, design, process management, financial models, data processing, business architecture, technical architecture, and more.

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