We are Edge

Since 2009, EDGE accompanies tech and non-tech based clients, on their journey towards a winning positioning and better performance in fast-changing markets.

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Edge has an extensive background and genuine interest in “how businesses can benefit from technology”. This means that we can be of added value to your enterprise from the seed of an idea to concrete implementation.


Our value proposition relies on two different profiles: technologists and business managers that complement each other. They work closely with two models of intervention: management consulting and operational consulting.
And they are ready to reach new heights with you!

A partner with a proven track record.

+10 years of experience

Created in 2009, each partner at Edge has more than 20 years of experience in ICT.

+25 consultants

Edge has the right mix of business managers, technologists and operational managers.

Active in fast growing industries

Proven results in various industries: incl. technology providers, ICT players and more traditional companies like utilities and public services.

+100 projects

Edge has delivered over a hundred successful projects.

2 offices

Brussels HQ, Luxembourg.

We believe

In today’s difficult economic climate and competitive environment, companies often struggle to keep their heads above water. And sometimes, their goal seem completely unattainable.
It’s like climbing Mt Everest. Many have tried to reach at seemed to be an unattainable dream. In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay decided they would go together.
Hillary wouldn’t have been able to reach Everest’s summit without the expertise of Norgay. And Norgay wouldn’t have done it without Hillary’s ambition.
It was only because of their collaboration and respect for each other that they were able to reach heights no one had yet reached.
They became the first people to conquer Mt. Everest.

Edge's vision is to support partners with our expertise and guidance to generate more value.

Edge's mission is to be the backbone of your expeditions. From design and implementation, technology helps us transform companies at all levels.
Always with one goal in mind, reaching new heights together.

what we do

Companies are facing new challenges. Digitalization, disintermediation and commoditization disrupt the sectorial and geographical boundaries and make competition unpredictable. And customers set new rules. Our ambition is to accompany you in this fundamental transformation. We put our expertise at your service to design, develop and implement innovative value propositions in a collaborative way.