Creation of the strategic B2B partnership
plan for Mobistar (Group Orange)


In the saturated and very competitive Belgian telecom market, our client, Mobistar (Orange Group), decided to focus its strategy on the development of strategic partnerships with major brands in order to launch new disruptive offerings for the prioritized market segments

1 consultant
6 months
Secteur telecommunication


  • Analysis of the current financial results of the commercial activities in the B2B sector
  • Analysis of the value chain and the positioning of Mobistar on this chain
  • Analysis of the competition and benchmark of the European operators
  • Recommendations on the cooperation and technology models (full, hybrid, light)
  • Market analysis, segmentation & prioritization target partners
  • Creation of marketing materials to start the business development
  • Identification of the key enablers to deploy the partnership strategy (organizational (HR, skills, processes, governance), technological (tools, billing, CRM, ticketing, network, content, mobile apps,…), functional (reporting,…) and commercial (business models, contributions, …))
  • Business development (set-up of appointments with priority 1 targets and presentation of the vision and the business models



  • Starting of a strategic partnership with a technology platform for the creation and launch of an Enterprise Mobility offers
  • Start of negotiations with major integrators to create a key value proposition for large businesses
  • Start negotiations with major technology players (IBM, Logica, Microsoft) for a combined approach for the M2M market
  • Creation of a value proposition for the proposed Smart City of the Brussels Capital Region