Launch of a mobile money offer
in Central and Western Africa


The board of an international mobile operator requested our help to assess the opportunity to launch a Mobile Money offer in 9 countries of the WECA zone.

1 consultant
4 months
Secteur telecommunication


  • Global coordination of the project & on-the-ground support
  • Draw a clear market opportunity: country socio economics, telecom & banking market, customer needs, regulatory impact
  • Assess the operations (IT&N, marketing, Distribution)
  • Size the market (bottom up analysis trough several field interviews and market surveys)
  • Build the entry strategy jointly with local teams (product & pricing, distribution, communication)
  • Perform in-depth and comprehensive strategic analyses & build a detailed business case


  • Assessment and sizing of Mobile Money market
  • Global coordination along the project between all operations
  • Local operations involvement within the 9 WECA countries
  • Clear view on regulation impact and bank negotiation strategy
  • Detailed product definition and market entry strategy
  • Potential competitors and substitutes
  • Complete business case with 7-year forecasts of revenues, costs, EBITDA, FCF and Terminal value