Business lead prequalification for the M2M department
of a major international telecom operator


Our client, a leading European telecom company, wants to increase short term sales of its M2M solutions.

We have helped them to classify and prioritize a list of 3000 companies dispersed over a dozen sectors by analyzing, among others, the following questions:

  • How mature is the sector towards M2M applications?
  • Which are the key applications where M2M would be used within a specific sector?
  • What would be the associated need for SIM cards and the height of the  ARPU?
4 consultants
2 months
Secteur telecommunication



  • Sector prioritization through specialized literature and interviews with senior managers, sales managers and business developpers
  • Interviews with sector insiders to capture key tendencies, potential evolutions, imprtant companies, and high potential start-ups
  • Impact of external elements on the market for M2M (societal tendencies, regulations, technological tendencies,…)
  • Identification of a set of 10 qualitative and quantitative criteria to classify companies within these sectors
  • Company prioritization through a detailed analysis of these 10 criteria
  • Company interviews to validate the results


  • Sector and subsector prioritization
  • An actionable classification of 3000 companies
  • Prequalification of a company top 300
  • High level business organisation recommendations