Implementation of
a Customer Experience Program


The telecom market in Europe is becoming increasingly saturated. Since the cost of acquisition is increasing, most players shift from a sales strategy to a retention approach

Our client asked Edge to help structure a comprehensive customer experience program and partake in its implementation.

2 consultants
4 months
Secteur telecommunication


Edge’s methodology was based on a five step program

  • Scope definition: analyse context and define stakeholders
  • Customer journey formalisation: touch point mapping and associated departments
  • Understand customers’ expectations: define value proposition and draw a gap analysis that will be used for target KPIs
  • Strategic ambition: align the Cex strategy to the overall company strategy, competitive positioning
  • Action plan and governance: define KPI and actions ownership, top management sponsorship…


  • Shifting the company mindset from « department performance » to « customer experience » objectives
  • Cross-functional teams tasked to improve customer experience
  • End-to-end KPIs
  • Improved internal communication
  • Prioritise projects based on customer experience impact
  • Tangible impact on customer satisfaction