Implementation of an anti-churn project
for a major telecom player


On the heels of a successful Customer Experience project led by Edge, VOO asked the Edge team to structure the company-wide anti-churn program

The requirements were :

  • High impact
  • Start delivering results as soon as possible
  • Involve all key stakeholders
  • Mobilize everybody
  • Remain cost-conscious

The Edge team was also asked to start the PMO on the program

6 consultants
6 months
Secteur telecommunication


The Customer Experience stream was completed by additional stream to complete the program :

  • Measurement: churn data analysis to understand churn and drive actions at operational level
  • Onboarding: program overseeing all corrective actions needed in the early stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Retention: proactive identification of clients at risk and improvement of customer retention activities
  • Internal communication stream to mobilise staff
  • External communication stream to harmonize the message and position the brand as service-oriented

The Edge Team structured the program management and took care of the animation


  • The result is a program that is complex in its reach yet light in its administration
  • A living program, animated by seasoned Edge professionals so that deadlines are met
  • A clarity of purpose: clear understanding of why the program exists as well as the underlying context and constraints
  • A clarity of plan: transparency on what’s delivered and what isn’t
  • A clarity of responsibility: ownership is well defined and when there is an organisational void, a flag is raised