EDGE client and Use Cases

Since its first assignment, in 2009, EDGE has managed to develop an ecosystem of very loyal clients active in many different sectors.

Edge Clients

Edge consulting

helped us challenge and validate our go to market strategy. They have demonstrated the ability and knowledge to assist in both strategy definition as well as strategy execution.

They have been quick to understand complex challenges and break them down into actionable items. this, alongside on-the-job support, has helped us considerably improve our implementation time.

Dirk Indigne
CEO, Engie M2M

Edge consulting

helps us in defining our digital vision and in developing innovative digital products and services.

Edge Consulting's strength lies in their expertise in digital transformation, combined with their ability to identify and qualify major evolutions in our market. Lastly, the leadership shown by their teams in supporting the Moroccan Post Office makes it a valuable partner. 

Fouad Zaidi

Edge consulting

has been working with us for many years to accelerate our development and make it sustainable. Their extensive ICT expertise and knowledge of B2B enables them to cover strategic design, implementation of the necessary enablers and operational execution. Their command of these 3 fundamental business aspects, combined with their teams’ leadership, has enabled us to significantly increase the value of our company over the years.


Philippe Naelten
CEO, Administrateur Délégué, WIN by Nethys

Edge consulting

has been accompanying us in our corporate transformation for several years.

Their difference, and what makes us choose to work with Edge, stems from their ability to inspire confidence and support both top management and operational teams, especially thanks to their empathy and coaching skills. 


Hervé Feuillien

Edge consulting

has been and is still assisting me in defining and planning my business strategy.

I value their Telecom expertise and their ability to define, thanks to their understanding of our company and our business, a clear vision and an ambitious and coherent strategy.

In order not to spoil anything, Edge makes the collaboration very pleasant through their serene and fun approach.


Thierry Joachim

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