what we do

We accompany you in your digital transformation. We enable our clients to innovate, evolve and transform their business and their operations.

EDGE position

Relying on our technology legacy and experience in key market 
« verticals », we position ourselves between tech-based companies and non tech-based companies.

It means we accompany both types of players in their business transformation, either:

  • to help them transform and improve their value proposition (B2B, B2C) through the integration of new technologies.
  • to transform their Go-To-Market in order to better commercialise their technological services to the B2B or B2C market.

EDGE focus

For more than 10 years Edge has been refining its methodologies and tools. We rely on a team combining technological and business expertise in order to help our clients to generate GROWTH through the definition, design and implementation of new products and services, an innovation roadmap, new business strategies, ecosystem of commercial and technological partners.
Thanks to our 4-step approach, not only do we create value proposition, we also define, design and implement the necessary operating model that supports it and makes it « concrete » to our clients.
To succeed, this approach requires a combination of top-down market analysis with bottom-up benchmark analysis which allows to offer realistic financial and planning forecast. 

EDGE model

Thanks to our rich and long experience accompanying companies in their transformation, we have developed OUR WAY to support our clients’ assignments and have a measurable impact on their business.
How do we do it ?

  • Every assignment is defined by measurable objectives.
  • We focus on our clients’ goals every step of the way by systematically following our 4-step approach to conduct any assignment: DEFINE, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT and finally MEASURE the impact of our intervention.